Treating Dental Emergencies with Compassion & Skill in Purcellville

Even with diligent oral hygiene and routine visits, accidents can and do happen. At Main Street Family Dentistry P.C., we understand that when a dental emergency occurs, you deserve to experience reliable care from a team you can trust to handle your situation. Dr. Allen A. Zarrinfar provides skilled and comprehensive treatment for dental emergencies in a compassionate environment. We do all we can to make sure you receive the help you need.

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What Are Considered Dental Emergencies?

Common dental emergencies can include the following:

  • Debilitating toothache from advanced decay or infection
  • Knocked out or avulsed tooth
  • Severely fractured or broken tooth
  • Lost, broken, or dislodged restoration

While some situations, such as a toothache, aren’t always considered an emergency, it’s still important to schedule a visit with our team. This way, our dentist can examine your tooth properly and determine the source of your discomfort. Early examination also helps our team treat your situation before it leads to possible infection and other serious oral health concerns.

Our practice has the skills and technology to diagnose and provide care for various dental emergencies quickly. When you contact our office, we will schedule you as soon as possible to see that your emergency receives proper and timely care.

How We Help You During an Emergency

We quickly diagnose your emergency and provide treatment so you can get back to enjoying a healthy and beautiful smile. When you contact us for prompt care, we do everything we can to get you seen as soon as possible. Depending on your emergency situation, treatment can go beyond office hours during evenings and weekends.

Evaluating Your Situation Quickly & Effectively

As soon as you arrive, we get to work to determine the source of your emergency as well as help alleviate any discomfort. This can also include asking questions, documenting your answers, and prepping you for a series of digital and panoramic x-rays if needed. With our digital imaging technology, precise pictures of your teeth, roots, gums, jawbone, head, and neck are immediately uploaded to our computer. This allows our dentist to determine your situation as quickly and effectively as possible.

Once we’ve made sure you’re comfortable, Dr. Zarrinfar performs a gentle examination using special tools and an attentive eye for detail to locate the problem better. This evaluation also helps us determine the level of severity and urgency, and if your emergency has underlining factors that need treatment.

Treating Your Dental Emergency

Our dentist and his dedicated team work with you every step of the way to create an effective treatment plan designed to help get you back to good oral health once more. At Main Street Family Dentistry P.C., we use comprehensive services, advanced technology, and tried-and-true treatment techniques to address your dental emergency. Continue reading below to discover how we can help!

For Knocked Out (Avulsed) Teeth - If a recent trauma, accident, or sports injury resulted in knocking out a permanent tooth, contact our office as soon as possible. Immediate treatment within the next 30 minutes is essential so that our team has the chance to reattach your tooth successfully. If we cannot save your tooth, we provide treatments for replacement, such as dental implant placement and supported restorations.

For an Infected or Decayed Tooth - With early signs of tooth decay, we can provide white composite fillings to seal and protect your tooth after decay removal. If the infection has reached the inner pulp of your tooth, jeopardizing its health, Dr. Zarrinfar performs root canal therapy.

Root canal treatment is a straightforward procedure designed to remove diseased tissues from inside the root canal chamber while also working to save as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. Our Purcellville dentist is well-versed in performing successful root canal therapy. In many cases, it is the best course of action to prevent extraction.

For Fractured or Broken Teeth - For minor dental chips, moderate cracks, and severe cases of damage, we can repair your teeth effectively with our fillings and crowns. Depending on your needs, we may be able to address mild damage with porcelain veneers. 

For Broken, Dislodged, Lost Restorations - Difficulties with crowns, bridges, or denture restorations need prompt treatment to prevent further damage to your smile. If your restoration is not salvageable, we can provide you with a new prosthetic, helping restore dental function, health, and beauty.

What Do I Do in an Emergency?

When an emergency happens, calm and quick action can help make all the difference. For a broken or knocked out tooth, pick it up by its crown and avoid touching the root area. Be sure to collect any broken pieces quickly. Rinse the tooth and store it in a clean glass of water or milk. If possible, you can try placing the tooth back in its socket. If this is not possible, store it carefully until we can see you.

For pain, apply an ice pack to your face, outside of the affected area. You may use a pain reliever, only taking the medications as directed. For bleeding, place a clean, dry cotton ball or gauze to the area and bite down gently, so there is enough pressure to keep it in place. If bleeding continues, change out the cotton or gauze until your visit.

Don’t Wait! Call for Emergency Dental Care Today!

At Main Street Family Dentistry P.C., we provide prompt treatment for dental emergencies. Dr. Allen A. Zarrinfar and our team work hard to protect your dental and oral health through reliable care and comprehensive procedures. If you live in Purcellville, Round Hill, Winchester, and the surrounding communities of Loudoun County

, and need emergency dental care, please call our office today to set up your appointment!


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